FC Stone Mountain

About Us

A football club competing in the Georgia Division 1 of the United Premier Soccer League. (UPSL)

FC Stone Mountain Granites was established in 2018 for the purpose of facilitating a professional environment where young men and women would be able to learn and grow in all aspects of the game of soccer. Our primary focus is on player development; hence we are most interested in young players who have a vision to transition from an amateur recreational level to a professional status.

This development entails not only the technical, physical and psychological aspects of the game, but crucially important is the disciplinary grow that we demand from all our players, regardless of their on-field performance or abilities, in order to make responsible citizens of the world. We are also interested in helping our players understand the nature of the business of soccer.

Our coaches are trained and licensed to guide our young players into the rigors of what it means to be a professional player in any region of the world. Therefore we encourage continued learning by all our staff in order to present an organization that is fully equipped to produce the athlete that is in demand.